Exciting News: Stoneybrook's Pathway and Roadwork Project Kickoff! 

SUSAN KOSCHALK January 8, 2024

There's some exciting news about the upcoming Pathway and Roadwork Project starting the week of January 8th in the Stoneybrook community.

Pathway Project Highlights
- It'll begin on the East side of Stoneybrook, addressing portions of the pathway at a time.
- The dedicated contractors will be on-site Monday to review and finalize plans for this much-anticipated project.
- For safety, flagmen will be stationed to assist bike riders and walkers as they pass through construction areas.
- Stoneybrook is currently awaiting FPL's correction for a flooded pathway section. Until then, construction will proceed, excluding 25 feet on either side of that area.
- Weather permitting, the pathway project should wrap up in approximately two weeks.

Roadwork Project Overview
Roadwork is set to begin in late January. Notifications will be sent to residents at least two weeks before work starts on each Stoneybrook resident's road, along with any necessary actions.
While we strive to minimize disruptions, there may be times when residents need to cooperate with parking and driving adjustments.
We'll keep you posted with regular updates to ensure everyone in the Stoneybrook community is well-informed.

Staying Connected
We'll make sure to keep you informed about the project's progress. Stoneybrook appreciates your understanding and cooperation as they embark on this community improvement journey. Their goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for everyone in Stoneybrook.


Learn more about the Stoneybrook community HERE.

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