Unveiling the Fins Up! Beach Club: A Slice of Paradise at Margaritaville Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach

SUSAN KOSCHALK January 31, 2024

Fort Myers Beach just got a whole lot more exciting with the grand opening of Fins Up! Beach Club at Margaritaville Beach Resort. Nestled along the pristine Gulf of Mexico, this beachfront oasis introduces a splash of leisure and luxury, redefining the coastal experience.

Lagoon Pool Bliss

Dive into a world of relaxation at the 15,000-square-foot lagoon pool that takes center stage at Fins Up! Beach Club. Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, this aquatic haven offers resort guests and day pass holders direct access to the sun-soaked sands. An expansive sundeck wraps around the pool, adorned with inviting seating areas and private cabanas available for those seeking an extra touch of exclusivity.

5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill

Quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds at the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill, a lively venue featuring 60 bar stools and additional spacious seating for dining. With the Gulf breeze as your backdrop, indulge in a delectable culinary experience, perfectly complemented by a wide array of beverages to suit every mood.

Salty Rim – A Culinary Haven in the Making

Watch out for the transformation of the old Fort Myers Beach Cigar Hut into the all-new Salty Rim. Upon completion, this culinary gem promises gourmet hot dogs, pizza, and a tempting selection of frozen drinks. The fusion of flavors is set to elevate your beachfront dining experience to new heights.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere with daily live entertainment at the soundstage inside the beach club. From soothing tunes to upbeat rhythms, Fins Up! Beach Club sets the stage for a memorable experience against the backdrop of the Gulf's gentle waves.

Your Passport to Paradise

Fins Up! Beach Club welcomes both resort guests and day pass holders to revel in its tropical charm. Day pass prices vary, offering flexibility based on the resort's occupancy and the day of the week, with the adventure beginning at $65.

Whether you're basking in the sun on the sundeck, sipping a refreshing cocktail at the bar, or savoring gourmet delights at Salty Rim, Fins Up! Beach Club invites you to escape to a world where every moment feels like a celebration. Dive into the extraordinary at Margaritaville Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach.

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