Fort Myers Beach Pier: A New Chapter Unfolds with Stantec's Design Expertise

SUSAN KOSCHALK January 30, 2024

In a significant step towards revitalizing the Fort Myers Beach Pier, Lee County Commissioners have chosen the renowned international firm, "Stantec," to spearhead the design plans. This development marks a promising stride forward, bringing hope to a community eager to see the iconic pier restored to its former glory after Hurricane Ian left it a skeleton of its former self sixteen months ago.

Stantec, with its global reputation, has previously contributed to the design of landscaping, sidewalks, and utilities for projects on Old San Carlos Boulevard and Estero Boulevard. Their selection for the Fort Myers Beach Pier underscores a commitment to excellence in both functionality and aesthetics.

However, the road to a new pier is estimated to be a four-year journey, considering the intricacies involved in design planning, permitting, contractor engagement, and other essential processes. While the timeline may disappoint some, Commissioner Ray Sandelli emphasizes the necessity of careful consideration in resource allocation, funding, and adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Despite the wait, the county assures residents that efforts will be made to expedite the design and permitting phases. FEMA has been informed that the design process is expected to span 12 to 18 months. Notably, no official design plans have been drawn up as of now, leaving room for community input and expectations.

The prospect of a redesigned pier has ignited discussions among locals, with diverse opinions on its potential features. Some, like Ron Hague from Virginia Beach, emphasize the economic significance of a fully operational pier. On the other hand, Linda Abramoske, a resident with a condo nearby, envisions preserving the island's charm with suggestions like a tiki bar at the pier's end.

The upcoming months will see negotiations for the contract with Stantec, with the aim to present it for approval in front of the Board of Commissioners in April. As the community eagerly awaits the revival of the Fort Myers Beach Pier, the journey begins with Stantec at the helm, steering towards a harmonious blend of resilience, functionality, and local charm. 

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