Exploring Estero's Future: Key Topics on the Horizon for the Village Council Meeting

SUSAN KOSCHALK January 23, 2024

Mark your calendars, Estero residents! The upcoming Village Council meeting on Wednesday, February 7, promises to be a crucial juncture where significant matters affecting the community will take center stage. These gatherings are not just bureaucratic assemblies but an invaluable opportunity for residents to engage, understand, and contribute to the growth, development, and zoning changes within our beloved Estero.

Agenda Highlights:

1. Stormwater Management for a Resilient Estero:
The Village Council will deliberate on the approval of a pivotal agreement between the Village and the School Board of Lee County. This agreement involves the purchase of a 1.25-mile-long parcel of land on Three Oaks Parkway, situated between Corkscrew Road and Estero Parkway. The proposed use for this land is a stormwater retention area, aiming to combat flooding that currently impacts numerous roads and residential communities in the area.

2. Engineering Marvels Unveiled:
Estero on the River Project Phase 1 Improvements: The Council will review and potentially approve two engineering inspection contracts, totaling $164,440. This investment is drawn from the Estero on the River project budget, emphasizing the commitment to enhancing Estero's infrastructure.
Sandy Lane Bike and Pedestrian Lane Improvements: Another engineering inspection contract, this time costing $539,560, is up for consideration. This expense will be drawn from the Sandy Lane improvements budget, signaling a dedicated effort towards creating safer and more accessible pathways.

3. Empowering Recreation:
The meeting will also address a shared use agreement for recreational facilities that are slated to be developed on the Estero High School campus. This collaboration underscores the importance of fostering community connections through accessible and well-maintained recreational spaces.

How You Can Get Involved:
For those eager to delve into the details, the full agenda and supporting documents are available HERE by changing the month to Jan 2024 and clicking on "Village Council Meeting." Your insights, questions, concerns, and comments matter – use this platform to make your voice heard.

Estero's future is shaped by the engagement of its residents. Be part of the conversation, stay informed, and join us on February 7 as we collectively work towards a vibrant and resilient Estero. Your community, your voice, your Estero.

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