Developer Unveils Ambitious 137-Unit Red Coconut Plan for Fort Myers Beach


Seagate Development Group has revealed exciting plans for a 137-unit condominium complex, named 3001 Estero Blvd for now, on the former site of the Red Coconut RV Park in Fort Myers Beach. This ambitious project will feature four Estero Bay-front homes, a beachfront club, three swimming pools, three public green spaces, a beach-view restaurant, and a pedestrian overpass.

The development will transform nearly 10 acres, dedicating about 30% of the space to public parks, including one with direct beach access. The restaurant will offer valet parking and be open to the public. Additionally, new roads—Donora Boulevard and Villa Drive—will be constructed to enhance public access and reduce congestion on Estero Boulevard.

One of the most notable aspects of the project is its proposed height. Seagate plans to request deviations from current height restrictions, aiming for a structure that peaks at 15 stories, with a tiered design to minimize visual impact from Estero Boulevard. The current height limit for the site is three stories, or 30-40 feet above base flood elevation, depending on the location.

The residential component of the development will consist of two buildings housing 68 and 69 units respectively, along with four homes near Estero Bay. This totals 141 units, maintaining a lower density than the originally zoned 27 units per acre.

Seagate's CEO, Matt Price, emphasized the "birthday cake" design approach, which involves placing the tallest sections of the building farther inland. "You're taking the height, and you're pulling it off Estero Boulevard," Price explained. The design prioritizes maintaining beach views and limiting the visual impact of taller structures.

Price shared the project plans with Fran Myers, the former owner of the Red Coconut RV Park, ensuring the new vision honors her desire to preserve public beach views and limit beachfront height. Myers expressed her approval through her real estate broker, Matt Simmons, appreciating the public benefits integrated into the project, such as open beach views, park space, and a publicly accessible restaurant.

Fort Myers Beach, incorporated in 1995 partly in response to concerns over tall buildings blocking beach views, will see this development go through a public approval process. Price aims to balance the island’s traditional character with modern, resilient development in the face of future storms like Hurricane Ian, which destroyed the RV park a year before Seagate acquired the land for $52 million.

While the project remains in its early stages—having undergone 22 iterations already—Price anticipates about a year for public approvals and permitting, followed by three years of construction. He stressed the importance of public feedback and collaboration with local authorities to ensure the project benefits the community.

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers has reviewed the preliminary plans and looks forward to public input before forming a final opinion. He acknowledged the uniqueness of the project due to its scale and the significance of the property on the island.

Seagate’s vision for 3001 Estero Blvd represents a blend of innovative development and respect for Fort Myers Beach’s heritage, aiming to create a project that the community will be proud of for years to come.


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