Margaritaville Unveiled: A $205 Million Oasis Brings Relaxation, Jobs, and Community Integration to Fort Myers Beach

SUSAN KOSCHALK December 8, 2023

The recently unveiled Margaritaville on Fort Myers Beach is making waves with its extravagant $205 million resort, featuring a colossal flip flop as its centerpiece. This new addition is not only a haven for relaxation but is also creating employment opportunities for the beach.

Boasting six restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, and a sprawling 43,000-square-foot terrace, the resort offers a tantalizing preview of its offerings. General Manager David Cesario proudly announced the recruitment of 400 full-time employees, highlighting the positive economic impact the Margaritaville brand is poised to deliver to the local community.

Having invested $35 million in repairing damages incurred from Hurricane Ian, the resort anticipates an annual revenue ranging between $35 and $40 million. Among its standout features is a walkway seamlessly connecting the resort to the beach, emphasizing their commitment to the community by providing public access to the private property.

CEO of TPI Hospitality, Tom Torgerson, echoed this dedication to community collaboration. Plans for future events, such as the 19th hole for the putt pub crawl in January, were disclosed, promising an expansive terrace setting for these occasions.

In addition to participating in local events, Margaritaville Resort actively supports community initiatives, exemplified by their contribution to the Fort Myers Beach School's Christmas swap. General Manager Cesario underscored their involvement by providing space for the school's festive event.

Looking ahead, the resort aims to deepen its ties with the community through organized beach cleanups. For those eager to immerse themselves in the Margaritaville experience, reservations are open starting December 11th. The Margaritaville resort stands not only as a luxurious retreat but as a vibrant contributor to the local economy and community spirit.


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