A Culinary Haven Unveiled: The Causeway Food Hall and Bar Opens its Doors in Bonita Springs

SUSAN KOSCHALK December 12, 2023

Embarking on an incredible adventure, Bonita Springs welcomes an exciting addition to its culinary scene on December 7th – The Causeway, an innovative food hall and bar concept destined to redefine dining experiences in Southwest Florida. Spearheaded by dedicated partners Ken Delaney, Randy Decker, Janak Amin, and the culinary expertise of Chef Carl Smith and his wife, Carol, The Causeway has emerged on Old 41, just opposite the former dog track.

A Culinary Extravaganza
After years of tenacious effort and overcoming challenges, The Causeway unveils a massive space designed to cater to diverse palates. Boasting a bar, four distinct restaurant concepts, and a self-serve tap wall, this culinary haven promises something for everyone.

  • Roast: Light and Fresh
    A deli concept offering salads, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards for those seeking a lighter fare.
  • Orzo: Home-Cooked Italian Favorites
    Satisfy your cravings for home-cooked Italian delights at Orzo, where traditional favorites come to life.
  • Smithy’s: International Kitchen
    For those undecided on their culinary desires, Smithy’s is an international kitchen offering everything from curry to shepherd's pie.
  • Dessert Lab: A Sweet Finale
    Conclude your culinary journey with a visit to the Dessert Lab, featuring milkshakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more!

Pour Your Own Adventure
The self-serve tap wall at The Causeway is a novel way to discover your new favorite beer. With 20 local taps, guests can pay by the ounce using a convenient wristband swipe.

The Causeway Experience: "Fast Casual" with a Twist
Described by Chef Smith as "fast casual," The Causeway distinguishes itself by offering table service alongside its expansive space accommodating 150 guests inside and an additional 150 outside. Visitors enjoy a seamless experience as orders from each restaurant, the Dessert Lab, and taps from the wall are conveniently added to each guest's tab.

Open daily from 11 AM to 11 PM, The Causeway beckons all food enthusiasts to 28280 Old 41 Road. Dive into a world of culinary delights, relish the diverse offerings, and extend a warm welcome to this vibrant addition to the neighborhood. Bon appétit! 

Check out their Menu HERE!

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